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  1. Is Independence Village right for you?
  2. Will it be hard to meet new people and to fit into established groups?
  3. What is a good age to move in?
  4. How much independence does a Member have?
  5. How do I know if I can afford to live at Independence Village?
  6. What is included in the monthly fee?
  7. What is the monthly cost?
  8. How does a Membership community work?
  9. Are Pets Allowed?
  10. What kind of transportation service does Independence Village provide?
  11. Is there a hospital and doctors nearby?
  12. What do you offer as far as wellness?
  13. Are there any dining options?
  14. Where can I play golf?
  15. Are religious services provided?
  16. Can I entertain guests in my home?
  17. What if I have over night guests?
  18. What if my health declines and I need more help?
  19. What is the difference between “independent living”, “assisted living” and “nursing home”?


Is Independence Village right for you?

If you would benefit from:

  • Regular exercise programs (sittercize, fitness center, water aerobics, stretch/balance class, toning with weights).
  • More social interaction with others with similar interests.
  • Not having to do yard work, home maintenance and house cleaning.
  • No more property taxes or homeowners insurance to worry about; just renters insurance for your contents.

Will it be hard to meet new people and to fit into established groups?

Not at all. Our Members are very friendly and welcoming. Many will introduce themselves when they see a new face. Some Members volunteer on the Meet & Greet Committee and will call new Members to join them for breakfast, lunch or dinner and introduce them to all their friends. Our Team will also get to know you and your interests and introduce you to people with similar interests. And you won’t want to miss our quarterly Newcomers Social where employees and Members (new and not-so-new) come together to meet and get to know each other.

What is a good age to move in?

Anyone 55 and better is welcomed to become a Member. The sooner you move in the sooner you will become part of all the activities we offer. Making the decision to move sooner than later will ensure you will be all settled without the stress of caring for your home should you find yourself unable to do so. Having peace of mind knowing you and or your spouse will not be left alone should anything happen is certainly a burden lifted. One of our Members, Hallie Jo, expresses her thoughts on this subject; “At my age, Independence Village, is the perfect example of what we needed; independence and our own home without the headaches.”

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How much independence does a Member have?

Members have complete freedom to come and go. This is your own home where you can invite guests, garden or enjoy serenity.

How do I know if I can afford to live at Independence Village?

Consider the expenses that you currently have on a monthly basis.  Include rent/mortgage, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, subdivision or association fees, lawn maintenance, exterminating service, trash removal, housekeeping, home repairs, security systems, gym membership, social activities and any other monthly costs that would be eliminated with a move to Independence Village.  Additional bills our Members may have are Utilities, Water, Phone, Cable TV and Renters insurance (if you choose to have it).  Our Members have found it to cost the same or sometimes less to live at Independence Village.  But remember, the friendships you’ll make, the fun you’ll have and the peace of mind you’ll experience are priceless.

What is included in the monthly fee?

Our monthly fee includes housekeeping, linen service, full maintenance, scheduled transportation, outside water for lawn, garbage pickup, monitored alarm system, property taxes, homeowners insurance (excluding personal belongings), activities, events, Member concierge services, privileges at The Club at Sonterra. Hugs are unlimited and free!

What is the monthly cost?

With a variety of floor plans ranging from 1,078 to 2,320 square feet there is a price range and home size for everyone.  Contact one of our Lifestyle Specialists to determine which one works best for you.

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How does a Membership community work?

You purchase the membership which in turn gives you your home and access to all the amenities and services offered.  Independence Village offers two membership options where you will receive a refund of either 90% or 50% of the original membership fee within 180 days after you fulfill your notice to vacate.

Are Pets Allowed?

Independence Village welcomes your family pet and we even have a dog park and pet “clean up” stations throughout the community.  There are common courtesy guidelines to ensure that a pet does not become a nuisance to others.

What kind of transportation service does Independence Village provide?

There is scheduled transportation to the airport, for prescription pick up and special outings (theatre, dances, etc.).  We have 2 spacious buses and 2 luxury vehicles which are operated by experienced chauffeurs.

Is there a hospital and doctors nearby?

The growing Stone Oak area of San Antonio has become the 2nd medical center in San Antonio, with the Methodist Hospital and North Central Baptist in the neighborhood.  Many doctors and specialists have opened offices in this area.

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What do you offer as far as wellness?

We know that exercise; good nutrition and socialization are the key to good health.  We offer a variety of exercise classes for all levels, dancing, water aerobics, various social events, educational seminars, spiritual studies, volunteer opportunities.

Where can I play golf?

As a Member of Independence Village, you will have country club privileges at The Club at Sonterra, located just minutes from the community.  This includes golf and social privileges at no additional charge. Because of this great perk, our Members choose to play here, however, you are welcome to see the Concierge for additional golf courses locations nearby. Let us book your tee time for you.

Are there any dining options?

While meals are not included, Independence Village Members can dine at the Independence Hill Dining Room within the campus or utilize their membership at The Club at Sonterra and dine there.

Are religious services provided?

A non-denominational church service is held at Independence Hill each Sunday and transportation to a variety of other local churches is available space allowing.  Throughout the week there are on-site Chaplin visits, bible studies, rosary and mass offered.

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Can I entertain guests in my home?

Family and friends are always welcome to visit.  Invite them to dinner or lunch in our full service dining room at Independence Hill or host a private party in our Clubhouse Pub.  There is outstanding in-house catering available. Let us know how we can help.

What if I have over night guests?

Your guests are welcome to stay in your home overnight.  For your convenience, we also have four guest suites available for those visitors wishing to have their own space.  The guest suites are competitively priced, convenient and equipped with a kitchenette, living area and can sleep four comfortably.  Advanced reservations are required.

What if my health declines and I need more help?

Depending on your personal needs, we will do our best to accommodate you or direct you to ensure the best care for your personal situation. When you no longer want to cook and are needing transportation services you can transfer to our Independence Hill community of full service apartments/cottages conveniently located right next door; hassle free.  For a bit more help with daily tasks such as medication assistance and bathing, transferring to our Assisted Living community would be the answer.  There is also Respite Care available at the Assisted Living for those times when you may need a little extra care while recovering from a hospital visit.  Physical, speech and occupational therapy are also available. When the situation arises, we are here to help.

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What is the difference between “independent living”, “assisted living” and “nursing home”?

Independent living communities are great for active individuals who do not want the burden of keeping up a home, but desire a community and social setting with seniors of like interests.  An independent living community is ideal for seniors who appreciate their independence, but desire a more convenient life-style.  There are daily activities, dining room, laundry service, fitness, and transportation available if desired.

Assisted living communities provide a more independent atmosphere than a nursing home.  It allows residents the dignity and respect of their independence. While residents may not be able to live by themselves they do not require constant medical care.  It offers a more home-like environment with private apartments where activities are often planned.  Residents have the opportunity to socialize with each other which contributes greatly to their emotional well being.  Among the services offered by an assisted living community are assistance with personal needs, medication supervision, bathing and dressing, transportation, meals, laundry services and physical activities.  Typically these are private pay.

When daily medical assistance is required a nursing home may be the most appropriate housing option.  They can offer both short-term recovery after a surgery, and long-term care.  A nursing home provides 24 hour nursing care and in many cases rehabilitation services.  Nursing home residents are cared for by licensed and skilled staff. A nursing home is typical for elderly individuals who do not necessarily need hospitalization but require constant attention.  This may be as a result of chronic medical conditions.  The staff is responsible for administering medication at the right time and attending to general day-to-day living activities.

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